Existence et Applications

I finally decided to rename this blog into a wider name, a bit more personal too. For the anecdote this is the name of the first blog I had on livejournal twelve years ago. Programming Geomechanics was a nice one, but with the time, and after a full day of work, I also want to write about other things than programming or geomechanics. As you may have seen, it’s been a while since I last wrote.

Respecting my audience, even as numerous as in Yes Man, and not wanting for an ounce to mislead its possible new readers, it is my duty to inform you that this blog has taken a significant editorial cap. I am now going to write about other things than programming and geomechanics. Yes. Let’s go wild. Partial differential equations are not all, even when they are too cute to be true. This includes books, cooking, movies, people, etc, and more importantly reflections about my existence and what I can do with it. I can’t tell for yours. Don’t worry, this blog has not become my personal diary nor won’t; I am just going to widen the scope of topics. For your greater pleasure I am sure, but also for mine, which is what you should put in a blog, not what your audience expects you to write. I am still a Haskell enthusiast, curious in geomechanics, there’ll be enough technical meat as it is so-called. For my part I also consider that getting a crème brûlée right needs also a lot of technicality, practice, and even theory, to understand why I should have put less milk for example. Ah, and don’t ever expect to find the recipe for a carrot cake here, I am not a hipster. Even if I am listening to jazz with a glass of cognac. I however plan to post recipes, so that I can find them anywhere - as long as anywhere has internet, and also to give you ideas, or if you want to invite yourself at my place to try them for real. This also means more pictures and blog posts that can be short.

With this extension of the editorial line, I think I can keep up with one post per week, which is still quite a cadence. Well, we’ll see.